About Us

Our world has become dependent on energy. It is embodied in almost everything we do that it would be hard to imagine the world without energy.

However, the energy we use today is mostly generated from coal-powered power plants which pollute the air with harmful gas emissions.

While not all of us may be able to do so much about our energy supply, we can still do our part in protecting our environment from further degradation by energy conservation and using energy efficiently.

It is highly suggested that every one of us do our part in taking measures in the efficient use of energy. As simple as unplugging your appliances at home when they are not in use can help combat the issue of wasted standby energy. Or, you can walk more or use the stairs which are also beneficial for your health.

Simply put, our choices define our energy use. When you make an effort to conserve energy, it is not only good for the economy and your wallet as well as your health. But you’re also helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Using less energy helps to reduce fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions, which have contributed to the pressing global warming issue affecting the Earth.

DartDorset hopes to educate everyone about the negative impacts of irresponsible energy usage. We believe in the need to find the balance between the modern and growing economy, social responsibility, and environmental protection. Our goal is to spread the message about the importance of conserving energy and promoting the efficient use of energy.

As you navigate through our site, you will learn about some doable and smart tips to reduce energy use and how to use energy efficiently. Alternatively, you can join us and share your innovative ideas about energy conservation. We welcome insights and opinions from our readers and site visitors.

While we hear about energy conservation more and more nowadays, it’s not enough. We need to put those plans into actions and make energy efficiency and conservation a lifestyle. Any efforts toward energy efficiency and conservation can significantly help in sustaining our planet’s natural resources. If each one of us will do even just one thing to save energy, it could mean the difference in making the Earth we live in a cleaner and healthier place.

Again, welcome to our site, and we hope you take the time to read our posts and updates and find out how you can make a difference by joining us in our energy revolution– now!