Adding Smartphone Accessories to Your Car – The Many Cool Choices to Consider

Adding Smartphone Accessories to Your Car – The Many Cool Choices to Consider

If you own a smartphone, you’re probably wondering how adding smartphone accessories to your car can help you. Many people who are considering purchasing a smartphone opt to do so mainly because of the many features it offers, but there are also those who buy them for their pure functionality.

Regardless of your reasons for purchasing one of these handy devices, it is important to know which accessories are available to you and how they can enhance your phone’s performance. The first accessory that you should consider adding to your vehicle is a speaker system.

Most phones nowadays come with built-in speaker systems that you can use to enjoy music or other audible media while you’re driving. While some vehicle installations may prohibit the use of smartphones or certain handsets, you can still use them with the proper adapter.

In fact, there are even some vehicle makers that allow you to use your smartphone or a tablet using one of their devices. This means that you don’t have to get yourself another smartphone or handheld gadget just to enjoy music through your car stereo.

You might also want to purchase an in-dash receiver that features VoIP (voice over IP) capabilities. This is especially helpful if you’re frequently on the road. VoIP lets you make outgoing calls to nearly any international landline or number including those in the United States.

A majority of smartphones have this feature already built in. However, if your handset doesn’t have this feature built-in, you’ll need to purchase an adapter to enable it. These are relatively inexpensive and can easily be found at any electronics store.

For a more extensive mobile entertainment experience, you might want to purchase a TV Tuner to attach to your dashboard. These gadgets can turn your car’s LCD screen into a flat-screen monitor to view your favorite shows or movies on the road.

There are many models available for cars made after 2021, so make sure to shop around before buying one. It is important to note that some car tuners will only work with certain models of cars. So be sure to check the specifications first to ensure compatibility.

If you own more than one smartphone, then it would definitely be ideal to buy a mobile entertainment center to support them all. Entertainment centers differ from cell phone stands in that they mount to your dashboard using a cable.

They typically offer a charging port, a TV screen, and headphones or speakers. Most devices come with an App Store that allows you to access many of today’s most popular apps, as well as tons of other perks. If you want to know more about must-have accessories, see this gallery of car phone accessories from PTC Shop.

For drivers who use their smartphones while driving, it would definitely be nice to include video capabilities in their devices. Manufacturers are quickly scrambling to develop smartphones with full HD video capabilities so that motorists can view their videos on the road.

To find out which manufacturers have the hottest handsets with the best video capabilities, look online. The types of handsets that come equipped with high-end video recording capabilities will vary among different makes and models.

If you often use your phone or tablet in the rain, then a windshield protection kit is a must-have accessory. These devices are designed to protect your windshield and windows from hailstorms and extreme weather conditions.

Because they are manufactured for use in the outdoors, they feature sturdy, tear-resistant covers that are also water-resistant. They are made from durable, waterproof materials and can also come with UV protection.

There are many styles available in this line, so make sure to choose a cover that complements your vehicle’s look. Some styles even double as a sun visor. One handy application that you can integrate into your smartphone is a GPS navigator. This enables you to get accurate directions to anywhere in the world.

It also integrates with your car’s navigation system, so when you receive directions on your smartphone, it will automatically display them on your car’s LCD screen. This type of application is especially useful if you frequently travel since you do not have to carry around a separate GPS device.

Other possible smartphone accessories that you can integrate into your phone include car kits that hold cell phone chargers, MP3 players with headphones, and other useful items that you would usually find in a cell phone user’s car kit.

Jeremy Lawson