Steps To Becoming An Excellent Tennis Player

Steps To Becoming An Excellent Tennis Player

All tennis players need to have a strong interest in health. At lower levels we want to be fitter, tennis may help us do this. At higher levels, we wish to enhance our body above, and beyond that necessary for the game of tennis so we are able to succeed to greater levels. No matter your level, you are going to need to state your body to avoid injury, adjust to the motions needed on the court, and build your game.

A player is going to need to do strength training specific on the muscle groups applied to the game. Weight training for particularly the upper body is essential as it is going to help you create much more energy in your shots. Should you look at Agassi, for example, he can bench press 140kgs almost two times his weight. This is a phenomenal power to weight ratio.

Strength training also aids in preventing damage. Tennis is able to unbalance muscles within the body, which can lead to accidents down the track. Typically the front chest and shoulder muscles are more developed subsequently, the back muscles. Additionally, the more dominating arm is usually much more developed than the non-dominating arm. Working again, as well as nondominant arm muscles, can help balance your body out.


Some say tennis is eighty % psychological and twenty % physical. Whether this is real or perhaps not, psychological factors play a huge part in the game of tennis. Your psychological training program must go beyond the game of tennis on the court. You actually have to create your self-confidence, create a competitive attitude, practice leisure as well as focus techniques, make sure using positive self-talk, and imagine the goals you would like to attain.

All of these elements can’t be discussed here in detail, and several are self-explanatory, like self-confidence. Really all should be created and also worked on every day. Self-talk and an optimistic attitude is probably the most crucial component that has been talked about. If you miss a go, what would you tell yourself in your mind? Something along the lines of “damn I skipped “ill or it” hit my next one for a winner.”

Could you look at the very first comment that is self-defeating and also the next is positive? When you are able to alter how you imagine from a negative to view that is positive by actively overseeing your self-talk, you are going to go quite a distance to a good mental mind for tennis.


Tactical components of the game of tennis are frequently forgotten by nearly all coaches that is a terrible error. A far more careful tactical player is going to come out on top. A huge number of players hit better toes then the positives. However, there bad tactical brain impedes their performances presently. This is also applicable in many types of sports like table tennis, badminton and even pickleball. If you are by chance a fan of pickleball, these picks from might spark your interest.

The best strategy in tennis is consistency. The greater number of balls you strike in the much more likely you’re to win the effort. This is your best weapon. Good shot selection is as well a cornerstone for a good game. When in a rally circumstance, you must make use of the better secure cross-court shot, as well as just if you receive a brief ball you are able to make use of should you go on the line.

The basis of a very good tactical play will be the knowledge of one’s limits all the time. This will come through tactical exercise and understanding where you are on the tennis court. Always incorporate tactics into an exercise regime and apply them in games.


Everyone’s method is somewhat different, however specific fundamentals have been met for a good shot. For instance, the racket face is usually vertical on impact; some grips work more efficiently on various shots, in addition to a pathway of activity of the racket is needed. For a topspin photo, this is from below the height of the heel to above the height of the ball.

Make sure when you practice, you create a good method that can meet up with the needs of playing at increased levels to make sure you don’t have to alter it later significantly. This is accomplished through developing those simple technical foundations that each advisor should have the ability to aid you with. In summary, all three areas do have to be resolved to ensure you are able to produce a healthy game with scope for development.

Jeremy Lawson